State Orthopaedic Society Health Policy Action Fund Request for Proposal

The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has established the State Orthopaedic Society Health Policy Action Fund. This fund has been established to assist state orthopaedic societies respond to various state legislative and regulatory issues affecting the practice of orthopaedics and patient care. We are soliciting proposals from state orthopaedic societies needing financial assistance in their efforts to promote state legislative/regulatory activities at the state level.

Submitted proposals should be comprehensive, specific and detailed, and include relevant data and other information in addressing the following items:

  1. Describe the legislative/regulatory issue in your state and the severity of the issue.
  2. Describe the steps that have been taken to deal with this issue. Specify the groups involved in working on this issue and explain the role, if any, of the state orthopaedic society in this process.
  3. List your specific goals in passing or challenging this legislation or regulation. As much as possible, the goals should be specific, measurable, aggressive but achievable, relevant and time specific.
  4. Describe the specific steps you propose to take during the current or next legislative session to monitor progress and measure success as you seek to pass or challenge this legislation or regulation. Attach the legislation/regulation that your state orthopaedic society is attempting to pass or challenge.
  5. Assess the likelihood of passing or stopping the legislation/regulation during the current or next legislative session. Also, assess the time frame involved in achieving your goals with regard to this issue.
  6. Indicate impediments to achieving your goals regarding the legislation/regulation in your state.
  7. Include a detailed budget for the money you are requesting from the AAOS State Orthopaedic Society Health Policy Action Fund. Specify how you intend to use the money.
  8. If you intend to fund direct lobbying efforts with this grant, submit a detailed outline of the lobbyist's responsibilities, anticipated costs and activities (estimated billable hours, frequency of meetings with legislators, etc.).
  9. State how much money, if any, your society will be contributing to this effort.
  10. Please outline how your state orthopaedic society will measure the success of your efforts.

All societies awarded monies from the State Orthopaedic Society Health Policy Action Fund will be expected to submit a report detailing progress. These reports must be comprehensive and detailed, discussing all achieved goals and successes. In addition, any awards from the State Orthopaedic Society Health Policy Action Fund must be acknowledged in any reports describing the funded activity.


Manthan Bhatt (, Manager of State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, (202) 546-4430