Sports medicine poster named "Best in Show"

This year, 567 posters were accepted for display at the Annual Meeting. The best poster in each of the 11 categories was chosen prior to the Annual Meeting by the relevant program subcommittee, and the final selection was made by members of the Program Committee.

On Friday morning, the overall best poster was announced by Annunziato Amendola, MD, chair of the Program Committee, during the Breakfast in the Posters event. A sports medicine poster demonstrating that loss of knee motion after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is associated with arthritic changes after surgery was the overall winner.

Poster P410, “Loss of Knee Motion after ACL Reconstruction is Associated with Arthritic Changes after Surgery” reports on a prospective study of 780 patients at a minimum of 5 years after ACL surgery (see “ROM loss after ACL reconstruction linked to arthritis”).

The poster was submitted by K. Donald Shelbourne, MD; Tinker Gray, MA, ELS; Heather Freeman, PT; and Scott E. Urch, MD, all of Indianapolis.

In addition to the overall winner, a winning poster was selected from among the top 5 rated abstracts in each classification. Following is the list of winning posters and their authors.

Adult Reconstruction—Hip
P041—Outcome of Metal-on-Metal Articulation in Primary Conventional Total Hip Arthroplasty: Analysis of 17,775 Procedures, submitted by Richard De Steiger, MD; David Davidson, MD; Philip Ryan, FAFPHM; Lisa Miller, BSc; Kara Cashman, BSc (HONS); and Stephen Graves, MD, all of Australia.

Adult Reconstruction—Knee
P167—Navigation Does Not Improve Radiographic Sagittal Alignment of a Femoral Component in Total Knee Arthroplasty, submitted by Yong-Bum Park, MD; Chong Bum Chang, MD; Hyung Joon Cho, MD; Eun Seok Seo, MD; In Jun Koh, MD; Kil Jae Lee, MD; Sang Cheol Seong, MD; Tae Kyun Kim, MD; and Byung June Chung, MD, all of the Republic of Korea.

Foot and Ankle
P216—A Phase 3 Trial of EXPAREL, an Extended-Release Bupivacaine Local Analgesic, in Bunionectomy, submitted by Stephen Daniels, DO, and Michael Golf, DPM, both from Austin, Tex.; and Gary Patou, MD, and Erol Onel, MD, of Parsippany, N.J.

Hand and Wrist
P226—Lateral Tilt Wrist Radiograph: A Technique to Position the Wrist, submitted by David G. Dennison, MD, of Rochester, Minn., and Kristofer S. Matullo, MD, of Ambler, Pa.

P255—Growing Rod Graduates: Lessons from 58 Patients Who Have Completed Their Lengthenings, submitted by Jack M. Flynn, MD, of Philadelphia; Lauren Tomlinson, BA; Jeff Pawelek, of Dallas; George H. Thompson, MD, of Cleveland, Ohio; Richard E. McCarthy, MD, of Little Rock, Ark., and Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD, of La Jolla, Calif.

Practice Management/Nonclinical
P274—Financial Impact of Electronic Medical Records on a Single Specialty Orthopaedic Group, submitted by Jefferson C. Brand Jr, MD; Kim Blake, CTC; Mike S. Doyle; Eric W. Nelson, MD; Thomas Edward Dudley, MD; Dennis P. Weigel, MD; Patrick E. Hurley, DO; Paul A. Dale, MD; and Andrea Nelson, ATC, OTC, all of Alexandria, Minn.

Shoulder and Elbow
P312—Surgical versus Nonsurgical Management of Rotator Cuff Tears in Older Individuals, submitted by Alem Yacob, MD, of Branford, Conn.; and Brian Downie, PA, Theresa Kijek, BS, James E. Carpenter, MD, and Bruce S. Miller, MD, all of Ann Arbor, Mich.

P402—Complication Rates Utilizing rhBMP-2 for Instrumented Lumbar Posterolateral Fusions, submitted by Martin Hoffman, MD; Debra Sietsema, PhD; and Clifford B. Jones, MD, all of Grand Rapids, Mich.

P512—Waiting for Surgery Increases the Risk of Medical Complications in Hip Fracture Patients, submitted by Daniel Lindbom, MD; Olof Skoldenberg, MD; and Paula Kelly-Pettersson, RN; all from Stockholm, Sweden

Tumors/Metabolic Disease
P545—Does the Addition of Zoledronic Acid to Bone Cement Reduce Local Progression of Bone Metastases?, submitted by Niraj Vijay Kalore, MD, of Birmingham, Ala.; Yang Zhang, MS, and Edward Y. Cheng, MD, of Minneapolis; and Jeffrey T.P. Luna, MD, of Saugus, Mass.

Posters are available for viewing today until 5:30 p.m. in the Sails Pavilion. Category winners are marked with a yellow ribbon; the best poster is marked with a blue ribbon.