Innovation, progress depend on partnerships

Academy’s CEO highlights partnerships that benefit orthopaedic profession
“The advancements in orthopaedics in the past 75 years have been phenomenal. This progress did not happen by chance, but by orthopaedic surgeons’ creativity, innovation, dedication, and partnerships with others who share their passion for improving musculoskeletal care for patients,” said AAOS Chief Executive Officer Karen L. Hackett, FACHE, CAE, in her report to the Fellowship during the Opening Ceremony yesterday.

Ms. Hackett’s remarks focused on two significant partnerships that have helped advance orthopaedics—between orthopaedic surgeons and industry, and between Academy volunteers and staff.

Karen Hackett, FACHE, CAE

“Crucial to innovation”
“Partnerships between orthopaedic surgeons and implant manufacturers are necessary and crucial to continued innovation in orthopaedics,” said Ms. Hackett. But she also cautioned that “any relationship between orthopaedic surgeons and industry must be ethical and above reproach. All relationships must be able to stand up to intense scrutiny. It can be no other way.”

In light of increased scrutiny of these partnerships, Ms. Hackett outlined the ways in which the Academy is helping members and the public understand both the complexity and the value of these ethical partnerships. “These advances are all about helping patients,” she noted.

“Essential to achieving advances”
Ms. Hackett went on to describe the staff–volunteer member partnership as “essential to achieving advances in education, advocacy, research, and communications.” These partnerships, she said, resulted in “new products and services designed to meet ever-changing and evolving needs.”

As an example of the long-term relationships and contributions made by staff, Ms. Hackett introduced five Academy staff members with more than 25 years of service each: Susan McSorley, director of convention and meeting services; Ann O’Neill, manager of continuing medical education courses; Karen Schneider, senior meetings specialist; Susan Vencill, credit/collection manager; and Pam Winkler, manager of member services.

“Together these individuals have 145 collective years of service—now that’s a commitment to partnering with orthopaedic surgeons,” said Ms. Hackett, who closed her remarks by thanking the audience for “all you do every day to help patients. You are our heroes!”