Orthopaedic Advocacy Week

AAOS leadership, in conjunction with the Office of Government Relations, is hosting a second annual Orthopaedic Advocacy Week from August 1-5. Similar to the inagugural event in 2021 (see recap infographic), this completely virtual opportunity is designed to offer members simple, minute-long ways advocate for priority healthcare policy issues.  

All AAOS members in the U.S. are invited and encouraged to particiate. We need the engagement of members nationwide to amplify the orthopaedic voice!

This year, we will focus our advocacy efforts on the following issues: 

  1. Prior authorization reform
  2. Scope of practice protections
  3. Increased workplace safety from violence
  4. Preserving Medicare reimbursement

Below is a preview of the daily themes and related calls-to-action, which will be emailed to those who sign up and also available from this webpage during Orthopaedic Advocacy Week:

  • Monday, August 1: Amplify Across Social Media
  • Tuesday, August 2: Growing Support with Grassroots
  • Wednesday, August 3: Shaping Policy through Rulemaking
  • Thursday, August 4: The Economic Impact of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Friday, August 5: Get Invested with Orthopaedic PAC

Sign up by July 29 to participate, encourage your colleagues to do the same, and let's get ready for #OrthoAdvocacyinAction!

For additional information please reach out to dc@aaos.org