Open Hearing today on amendments to Bylaws

An Open Hearing will be held today on three groups of proposed amendments to the AAOS Bylaws.

The Bylaws Open Hearing will immediately follow the Resolutions Committee Open Hearing in Room 25A of the San Diego Convention Center and is anticipated to begin around 1:30 p.m. The recommendations of the Bylaws Committee will be presented at the Association Business Meeting tomorrow.

Bylaws amendments
Bylaws Amendment Group #1 would clarify the bylaws governing the AAOS professional compliance process to more specifically deal with alleged violations not involving the Standards of Professionalism (SOPs). These matters include limitations on the right to practice medicine by state licensure boards, limitations on the right to dispense narcotics, and the conviction of a felony and the entry of a plea of guilty or no contest to a felony charge.

The proposed amendments also clarify that any legal action challenging a decision of the Board of Directors under the professional compliance program will be governed by Illinois law and must be brought under the jurisdiction and venue of either the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, or the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Illinois. The Board of Councilors (BOC), Board of Specialty Societies (BOS), and the AAOS Board of Directors support the adoption of this proposed amendment.

Bylaws Amendment Group #2 would combine the AAOS balloting process on resolutions, bylaw amendments, and SOPs with the balloting process to elect members of the AAOS Nominating Committee; currently, the processes are completely separate, with different specifications for voting and quorum requirements. It is hoped that by combining these processes, fellowship participation might be increased and expenses might be reduced. The BOC, BOS, and AAOS Board of Directors support this bylaws amendment.

Bylaws Amendment Group #3 would establish a new AAOS membership category of Associate Resident Member–International. This amendment was proposed by the Membership Committee and the International Committee and is supported by the BOC, BOS, and the AAOS Board of Directors.

Voting follows meeting
The Official Notice of the Annual Meeting sent to all fellows in January included full texts of the proposed Bylaws amendments. The Bylaws Committee encourages all fellows to attend the Open Hearing and express their opinions. All fellows will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed bylaw amendments shortly after the 2011 Annual Meeting.