Help green your Annual Meeting

AAOS is committed to producing an environmentally friendly Annual Meeting and is working on green practices with the Morial Convention Center and other companies involved in the meeting. You can help minimize our impact on the environment by participating in the following initiatives:

Recycle—More than 200 nonbiodegradable fiberglass trash cans, once destined for a landfill, have found new life at the convention center as repurposed bright yellow-green recycling bins. Look for these bins, which have been placed throughout the convention center lobbies. Recycle paper, trash, cans, and bottles in the bins with the “Forever Green” logo, which represents the New Orleans citywide recycling initiative.

Sort—All trash collected from the AAOS meeting is sent off site to be sorted. This greatly reduces the amount of materials that end up in land fills.

Read your e-mails—AAOS provides much of the annual meeting information electronically by e-mail or on the AAOS Web site ( Almost all Annual Meeting communications to attendees, presenters, and exhibitors comes via e-mail. Online registration, online housing reservations, and online ordering for exhibitor booth furnishings also helps the AAOS Annual Meeting stay green.

New initiatives
Redeem and reuse—The AAOS Tote Bag is not only tear-resistant and water-repellent, it’s friendly to the environment. It is made from recyclable nonwoven material.

CD Proceedings—In 2010, the print version of the Annual Meeting Proceedings has been eliminated. Check your registration materials for your Proceedings CD, or visit the Web site for a downloadable PDF. This single change will save more than 16.5 million pieces of paper.

Electronic handouts—Instructional Course handouts are available electronically before the meeting to attendees who have purchased tickets for the course. At the meeting, handouts are printed locally and double-sided. Handouts can be purchased on site and will be provided in a flash drive, disk, or as a PDF sent electronically.

Did you know…?
The dates, city, and other nonessential details have been removed from AAOS graphics so that many of the banners, signs and display panels can be reused at future annual meetings.

Exhibitors have been asked to minimize the amount of material they ship to and from the meeting and encouraged to donate or recycle booth materials after the meeting.

To reduce environmental impacts, meeting materials were shipped from the Academy’s offices by a shipper who voluntary collaborates with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase energy efficiency.

Morial Convention Center is the largest contributor of leftover food in New Orleans. Prepared foods are sent to New Orleans Second Helping and unprepared foods are sent to Second Harvest.

The convention center buys locally and in bulk whenever possible. This helps keep transportation emissions low and reduces packaging for materials that are brought into the center.

Why recycle?

Recycling saves energy and resources.

Recycling decreases pollution.

Recycling helps keep trees standing so they can keep reducing carbon dioxide.

Recycling supplies valuable raw material to industry.

Recycling reduces the need for new landfills and incinerators.

Recycling conserves resources for our future.

Recycling makes sense.

More than 6,000 casino-style lights have been replaced with LED lights, which are 88 percent more energy efficient.

Lighting, electrical, and water conservation practices are in place in the lobbies and meeting rooms. Restrooms have low-flow and automatic faucets.

All carpet used in the exhibit halls that cannot be cleaned and reused as carpet is recycled into drainage pipe for septic systems, dramatically reducing land-fill waste.

AAOS is committed to provide you with a more environmentally friendly AAOS Annual Meeting.