Today's Featured Presentations

7:15 AM
Anatomic Single-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
John W. Xerogeanes, MD;
Jordan L. Goldstein, MD; Albert Pendleton, MD

9:15 AM
Arthroscopic Anatomic Repair of Hip Labral Tears: Iberian Suture Technique
Allston J. Stubbs IV, MD

10:15 AM
Arthroscopically-Assisted Reduction and Volar Plating of Intra-articular Distal Radius Fracture
Robert M. Orfaly, MD

12:15 PM
Techniques for Safe Portal Placement in the Shoulder: The Ring of Fire
Keith D. Nord, MD; Bradford A. Wall, MD;
Prithviraj Chavan, MD; William H. Garrett, BS

1:15 PM
Characterization of Anterior Shoulder Instability
Matthew T. Provencher, MD; Geoffrey Van Thiel, MD; Daniel Jordan Solomon, MD

2:15 PM
Acetabular Augments for Acetabular Deficiencies
Michael E. Berend, MD;
Peter Davis; Keith R. Berend, MD

3:15 PM
All-Inside ACL Reconstruction, Utilizing Bone Socket Technique with Hamstring Autograft
Daniel Richards, DO; James J. Guerra, MD

4:15 PM
Management of Bone Loss Associated with Recurrent Glenohumeral Instability
Laith M. Jazrawi, MD; Matthew DiPaola, MD; Kevin James Kulwicki, MD:
Brian Pahk, BS; Michael S. Day, M.Phil.

The Featured Presentations Theater is located in Academy Hall (Hall D) in the Morial Convention Center. Every in-depth presentation is free and open to all. Authors will introduce and screen their media programs. Audience members will be able to participate in a brief question-and-answer session.