The 2009 Annual Meeting: Greener than ever

AAOS is committed to producing a more environmentally friendly Annual Meeting and is working on green practices with the Venetian/Sands EXPO and other companies involved in the meeting. The following initiatives have been implemented for the 2009 Annual Meeting:

  • The convention center will send all trash collected from the AAOS Annual Meeting off-site to be sorted. As much as 75 percent of the collected trash can be turned into recycled materials.
  • Instructional Course handouts are printed locally and double-sided to reduce paper use and impact on the environment from shipping.
  • Exhibitors have been asked to minimize the amount of material they ship to and from the meeting and encouraged to donate or recycle booth materials after the meeting.
  • To reduce environmental impact, meeting materials from the AAOS headquarters in Rosemont, Ill., were sent by a shipper who voluntarily collaborates with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase energy efficiency.
  • The convention center buys locally whenever possible to help keep transportation emissions low.
  • Leftover/unused food is donated to local missions to feed the less fortunate. Other food items not suitable for donating to the missions are donated to a local farm for animal feed.
  • Lighting, electrical, and water conservation practices are in place in the meeting rooms and exhibit halls.
  • All carpet used in the exhibit halls that cannot be cleaned and reused as carpet is recycled into drainage pipe for septic systems, dramatically reducing land-fill waste.
  • The Daily Edition – AAOSNow is printed locally on recycled paper.

What you can do

Attendees can take a simple step to reduce waste just by reading your e-mails! AAOS provides much of the Annual Meeting information electronically by e-mail or on the AAOS Web site ( Almost all Annual Meeting communications are sent electronically to attendees, presenters, and exhibitors. Online capability for making housing reservations and exhibitor orders for booth furnishings also reduces paper usage.

The 2009 “green” Annual Meeting is just the beginning. AAOS is committed to working toward more environmentally friendly Annual Meetings. It’s not only good for the environment, it’s good for business. Recycling saves energy and resources, decreases pollution, supplies valuable raw material to industry, reduces the need for new landfills and incinerators, conserves resources for our children’s future, helps keep trees standing and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. In short, recycling makes sense!