Surgeon on the Street:

What’s the most exciting innovation you’ve seen on the exhibit floor?

Lisa L. Lattanza

San Francisco, Calif.

Chima Mbubaegbu

Kent, United Kingdom

“As a hand and upper extremity surgeon, I have seen some exciting products from small start-up companies that are looking to provide implants and instrumentation to care for the entire upper extremity. Rather than separate elbow and hand implants, these companies are developing a single implant product that is biomechanically sound and well designed.”

“The exhibits that appealed to me the most were the computer navigational equipment for joint replacements. I do quite a few joint replacements and the limiting factor up until now has been the cost of the equipment. But the cost appears to be coming down very rapidly. We are aware that if the alignment is not perfect, the longevity is reduced considerably.”

Suleiman Olayiwola Giwa

Lagos, Nigeria

Raminder Singh

Wrexham, United Kingdom

“I saw some staples for foot surgery that will be very helpful in my practice. Once you put them in position, they lock into place without the use of any additional instrumentation—ensuring your arthrodesis succeeds. With just a simple step, you can get it right and reduce operating time. I find these to be a great advantage.”

“I was pleased to see the first nerve allograft available to surgeons who want to consider an alternative to a nerve autograft for the repair and regeneration of peripheral nerves. It’s still quite experimental. I do upper limb and peripheral nerve surgery and have been looking for an allograft. I was pleasantly surprised to come here and see this display.”