Don't miss industry relationships symposium

Relationships between orthopaedic surgeons and industry are changing. Last year, five orthopaedic implant manufacturers that had been under investigation by the US Attorney General of New Jersey reached settlement agreements. As part of those agreements, the companies had to accept the appointment of federal monitors and comply with specific mandated reforms.

But the investigation and compliance reviews in other jurisdictions are ongoing, and of great concern to the orthopaedic profession and to patients. Tomorrow’s symposium on “The Evolving Orthopaedic Surgeon–Industry Relationship” will address these concerns and other issues related to ethical and appropriate relationships between orthopaedic surgeons and industry to advance patient care.

Expert panel addresses issue
Beginning at 8 a.m. in the Gateway Ballroom, AAOS First Vice-President E. Anthony Rankin, MD, will moderate a distinguished panel of experts discussing the current and possible future impact of the changes in orthopaedic surgeon–industry relationships, particularly on research, education, and patient care. Panelists will include Lewis Morris, Chief Counsel of the US Department of Health and Human Services–Office of the Inspector General (OIG), AAOS leadership, a private practice attorney, and counsel for the industry trade group, AdvaMed.

Mr. Morris brings a wealth of experience and a broad perspective to the program. In his current position, he is responsible for coordinating the OIG’s role in the investigation and resolution of healthcare fraud cases, including cases brought under the civil False Claims Act. He also is responsible for deciding whether to exclude a healthcare provider from participation in Federal and State healthcare programs, as well as negotiating the imposition of corporate integrity agreements in cases where the decision has been made not to seek exclusion. As part of the OIG’s effort to promote compliance with program requirements, he oversaw the issuance of the compliance program guidance for the pharmaceutical industry. He has also served in a variety of capacities within the OIG and has been a Special Assistant US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

All welcome to attend
“The scientific partnerships that orthopaedic surgeons have had with industry have resulted in devices that have improved the lives of millions. These partnerships must continue to develop innovations and better instruments to improve patient outcomes,” said AAOS President James H. Beaty, MD. This symposium will provide guidance on conducting such relationships ethically and appropriately, and provide insight on the need for full disclosure of these relationships to patients and colleagues.

All AAOS fellows, regardless of their relationships with industry, are encouraged to attend, as are exhibitors and other interested individuals.