Find What’s Relevant to Your Practice at the AAOS Resource Center

Your AAOS membership increases in value the more you use it. That’s why the Academy offers the AAOS Resource Center at Annual Meeting—to provide you with easy access to the support you need to update your skills and knowledge, expand your practice, and advance your career.

Visit the AAOS Resource Center in Academy Hall B and meet with AAOS volunteer leaders, education developers, coding experts, member advantage program representatives, and Academy staff to learn how the Academy can enhance your practice for better patient care. One-on-one demonstrations of the following valuable new resources are also available:

  • Continuing medical education (CME) transfer to the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, a new AAOS member service that provides direct, worry-free submission of your credits. Academy staff can help you view your transcript, make sure it’s accurate, and review the CME requirements for Maintenance of Certification (MOC).
  • The AAOS online learning platform, including programs that support MOC and your daily practice with enhanced education, surgical videos, skills-building, and self-assessment.
  • AAOS 2018 Annual Meeting On Demand giving you year-round access to all the clinical content from this flagship event.
  • More quality assessment tools and orthopaedic registries, including RegistryInsights™ and a new patient-reported outcomes platform from the American Joint Replacement Registry.
  • The newly redesigned OrthoInfo website.

Academy staff is on hand through Saturday to help you download, update, and maximize your use of Academy apps—to manage your Annual Meeting experience (My Academy app) and to easily access AAOS education resources like Orthopaedic Video Theater and eBooks (AAOS Access app).

Speak with representatives from AAOS Member Advantage Programs for student loan financing support, revenue cycle management resources, and member insurance, and get your toughest coding questions answered by experts from KarenZupko and Associates.

The Academy’s Exhibit Floor Booth 4441 highlights opportunities to meet with AAOS leaders, including:

  • The AAOS Board of Councilors to discuss your interests and concerns related to health policy, research, and other legislative issues at the state and national levels.
  • Journal of the AAOS (JAAOS) editors William N. Levine, MD, and Jeffrey S. Fischgrund, MD, to share insights about recent changes in the journal, discuss article ideas, and learn more about how to become a JAAOS author or reviewer.

You can also try your hand at surgical simulations while discussing features with representatives of AAOS’ technology partners.

As always, the AAOS Resource Center gives you the opportunity to browse publications, eBooks, coding resources, CME course and webinar events, and take advantage of a 10 percent discount for any onsite purchases. That’s in addition to the member and resident discounts offered every day.

Make your membership count by utilizing the resources that can improve your skills and clinical practice. Be sure to visit the AAOS Resource Center. It’s a small investment of time for a great return in benefits.

Explore the Benefits of AAOS Membership

International and allied health attendees, learn how AAOS membership gives you immediate access to resources to help you keep pace with emerging science and research, sharpen your skills, and provide exceptional patient care in your community. Visit the AAOS Resource Center to apply. 

Membership Renewal Is Easier than Ever

For the first time, Member Renewal Kiosks are available at the AAOS Resource Center to speed your member renewal process. No more waiting in long lines. Just step up to the kiosk and in a few quick clicks, your membership will be secured for another year.