OREF Announces 2016 Research Grants, Awards

By: Ponda Barnes, MPH, CRA

On Monday, the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) announced the recipients of 43 research grants and program awards totaling more than $1 million. Additional grants, including collaborative research agenda grants, will be awarded throughout 2016. For a complete listing of OREF’s first-round funding awardees, pick up the Grants Awarded booklet at the OREF exhibit in Academy Hall on Level 2 of the Orange County Convention Center or visit www.oref.org


Research grants and program awards funded include the following:

  • One Career Development Grant ($225,000) to Jaimo Ahn, MD, PhD, made possible in part by support from the Dr. Dane and Mrs. Mary Louise Miller Endowment Fund and the Dr. Zachary B. and Mrs. Kathleen Friedenberg Endowment Fund
  • One OREF Prospective Clinical Research Grant ($150,000) to Adam M. Pearson, MD
  • One Clinical Research Award ($20,000) to Timothy E. Hewett, PhD
  • Three Research Grants (totaling $198,000) to Yufeng Dong, PhD; Surena Namdari, MD; and Emil Schemitsch, MD, made possible by support from the Dr. Victor and Mrs. Harriet Goldberg Endowment Fund, the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), and the Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rockwood Family Endowment Fund
  • One Mentored Clinician Scientist Grant ($20,000) to Kurt R. Weiss, MD
  • One Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS)/OREF Post-Doctoral Fellowship Grant ($50,000) to Jennifer A. Nichols, PhD
  • Two New Investigator Grants (totaling $100,000)—to Antonia F. Chen, MD, and Kenneth L. Urish, MD, made possible by support from the Mahendra Patel, MD, Research Fund and the Dr. Doreen DiPasquale and Dr. George Cierny Fund
  • Six Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grants (totaling $118,000) to John A. Buza III, MD; Alexander B. Christ, MD; Christopher T. Cosgrove, MD; Dipak B. Ramkumar, MD; Gregory D. Schroeder, MD; and Kevin A. Sonn, MD, made possible by the Ira A. Roschelle Family Foundation, Thomas P. Sculco, MD, the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, and the John T. Hocker Charitable Foundation
  • Sixteen Resident Research Project Grants (totaling $80,000) made possible by support from the Aircast Foundation, Exactech, ORS, the UConn Founders Endowment, and OREF
  • Three Regional Program Grants (totaling $9,000)
  • Four ORS/OREF Travel Awards in Orthopaedic Research Translation (totaling $3,000)
  • Together with the AAOS and ORS, OREF will support three valuable grant-related programs in 2016: The New Investigator Workshop, the Basic Science Course, and the Clinician Scholar Development Program
  • One ORS/OREF Distinguished Investigator Award to Linda J. Sandell, PhD

OREF received 229 grant applications requesting more than $16.4 million in funding. OREF’s Peer Review Committee volunteers evaluated the scientific merit of each application through a rigorous peer-review process modeled after the National Institutes of Health. The applications were then ranked, and funding decisions were made by the Research Grants Committee in January 2016. OREF’s Board of Trustees congratulates the 2016 grant recipients!

Learn more
A complete listing of OREF’s awardees is available online at www.oref.org and is also printed in the 2016 Grants Awarded booklet, available during the Annual Meeting at the OREF exhibit in Academy Hall on Level 2 of the Orange County Convention Center. Stop by the booth to pick up your copy. We’ll be glad to see you!

Ponda Barnes, MPH, CRA, OREF Vice President, Grants, may be reached at barnes@oref.org