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ORIF for Unstable Ankle Fractures - A Case Report and Surgical Technique

February 19, 2016

Contributors: Arvind Gabriel Von Keudell, MD; Michael J Weaver, MD

PURPOSE: Unstable fractures of ankle can be a challenging entity for the treating clinician. Various approaches and techniques have been developed to manage this fracture type. This video demonstrates the surgical fixation with open reduction internal fixation. METHODS: Different surgical techniques and approaches have been developed for the treatment of ankle fractures. Anatomic reduction and stable fixation is required for optimizing the long-term outcome. While occasionally soft tissue swelling or comminution may not allow for immediate internal fixation, external fixation remains an option. RESULTS: This video presents a case of an unstable ankle fracture necessitating surgical fixation. We demonstrate the usage of open reduction internal fixation. CONCLUSION: Immediate surgical fixation is an option for the treatment of unstable ankle fractures, if soft tissues allow. The knowledge of this technique may aid in providing knowledge in treating this fracture type.

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