Career Center

The AAOS Career Center at the Annual Meeting offers an opportunity for hiring organizations and orthopaedic surgeons to meet in person regarding open positions. This year we are offering more resources for both job seeker and hiring organizations.

Location: Academy Hall

Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Wednesday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

For Job Seekers

Whether you are a recent graduate or seeking a change, the On-site Career Center at the Annual Meeting offers an opportunity to get in front of hiring professionals and prospective employers. Plus, obtain valuable guidance to hone your skills and gain an advantage in today’s orthopaedic job market.

What to Expect

  • More than 150 participating employers – find positions for all career stages
  • On-site interviews (private interview booths) – take the next step toward your new job
  • One-on-one CV consultations – advice to help you gain an advantage in your job search
  • Professional interview practice with InterviewStream – this tool allows you to record your interview with real-world questions and receive feedback to improve your skills

Get Listed in the Job Seeker Booklet - Create or Update Your Listing

Academy Members with an active job seeker listing with AAOS may participate in the On-site Career Center. Create your listing (or update your availability at the Annual Meeting) to be listed in our daily Job Seeker Booklet which is provided to employers. Sign up in advance or stop by the Career Center at Annual Meeting to get started.

Job Seeker Signup

For Employers

Here’s an opportunity to meet with qualified orthopaedic surgeons. Employer Participation Packages are available to fit any budget. Annual Meeting registration is required to participate in the On-site Career Center (AAOS members, non-members, and non-member first-time attendees).

Register here

To be listed in our job-seekers’ Daily Opportunities Booklet, along with your Annual Meeting availability and contact information, complete our online form or email:

  • Hospital staff, practice administrators, and medical staff personnel are permitted to access the Career Center.
    Professional recruiters are not allowed to participate in this service.
  • Hiring employers must have an active listing on the website.
  • Employers MUST register as an Annual Meeting attendee to gain entry to the On-site Career Center.
  • Due to space limitations, we limit attendance to two representatives per organization.
  • On-site Bulletin Boards - An active listing on the website is required to post an ad on the bulletin boards. Due to space limitations, one ad per organization is allowed and cannot exceed 8.5 x 11”. Only orthopaedic surgery opportunities may be posted.
  • Interview Booths - Private interview space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Booths are not intended to be used as exhibit space nor may they be occupied by a candidate or employer for an extended period of time. Reservations must be made in person at the On-Site Career Center beginning Tues, August 31. Ask for an AAOS representative.