2021 Year in Review: Advocacy

Advocacy Highlights

Mitigated Medicare Pay Cuts To Specialty Care

The AAOS Advocacy team was successful in mitigating certain 2021 pay cuts and is continuing to fight ones scheduled for 2022.
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Law Passed To Protect Patients From Surprise Billing

Following more than two years of tireless Advocacy, a federal law passed that, for the first time at the national level, removes patients from the middle of out-of-network billing disputes and contains a process for resolving payment disputes.
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Convinced CMS To Heed Safety Concerns, Reverse Elimination Of The Inpatient Only List

AAOS succeeded in getting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to heed patient safety concerns and reverse elimination of the inpatient only list for 2022.
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Antitrust Exemption For Insurers Was Repealed

Congress passed a law that removes an exemption which has unfairly protected health insurance companies since 1945 and empowers the federal government to fight against anticompetitive conduct such as collaboration on pricing.
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AAOS Members’ Support Strengthened The OrthoPac

The power and influence of the Orthopaedic PAC as a driving vehicle for legislative success was strengthened thanks to the support of more than 5,000 AAOS member contributors.
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