Diversity in Orthopaedics

As the demographic face of our nation changes, the orthopaedic community is evolving to reflect and adapt to these critical shifts in the landscape. Recognizing the value and strength inherent in our diverse population is a first step. But our larger goal remains embracing solutions and mechanisms that give all people access to and a place in our healthcare system. 

These are exciting times! The world is changing. Its face grows more diverse each day. The AAOS is committed to keeping, and setting, the pace. As our population grows rapidly more diverse, our need grows significantly for physicians who reflect this diversity and are accessible to communities and individuals with unique needs. The AAOS is taking the lead to ensure all people will be served appropriately by the field of orthopaedics.

We are bringing people together—medical students, orthopaedic surgeons, residency program chairs—and initiating programs to help build a strong foundation to better care for our culturally diverse communities.

Outlined as one of the AAOS' strategic goals, we are committed to fostering diversity in orthopaedics by:

- understanding and responding to the diversity of the patient population
- enhancing the delivery of culturally competent care
- supporting efforts to diversify the profession and orthopaedic work force

Diversity Programs and Resources

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