Committee On Devices, Biologics, and Technology

Overall Purpose/Mission

Influence all aspects of orthopaedic technology including devices, biologics, and drugs with respect to regulatory, industrial and payors affairs. Provide the fellowship with evidence-based indications, quality, and value assessments from regulatory trials for orthopaedic technologies.


  1. Align all activities to support execution and achievement of the mission, vision, goals, strategic objectives and metrics of the Strategic Plan and conduct all business in accordance with the Core Values as adopted by the Board of Directors.
  2. Align progress in all aspects of orthopaedic technology with improvements in quality and value for patients, surgeons, and society.
  3. Monitor and shape regulatory, industrial and payor policy in orthopaedic technology including: biologics, medical devices, drug products, informatics, analytics and artificial intelligence, regenerative medicine, cellular & tissue therapies, combination products, imaging & robotics, tissue grafts, operating room equipment, and related technology in orthopaedic surgery.
  4. Promote registry data for regulatory and payor affairs.
  5. Develop multimedia educational tools for orthopaedic technology.
  6. Collaborate with other AAOS committees including the: Evidence-Based Quality and Value Committee; Patient Safety Committee; Coding, Coverage, and Reimbursement Committee; and Healthcare Systems Committee. Provide a seamless member experience and actively foster diversity and innovation within the AAOS governance structure.
  7. Collaborate with FDA and other regulatory bodies. Collaborate with standards and professional organizations such as ASTM and the American Association of Tissue Banks. Interact with industry bodies including OSMA, AdvaMed, MDMA and others.
  8. Provide governance structure and support to the Biologics Alliance. Be the conduit for all requests/proposals from the Biologics Alliance to the Council on Research and Quality and the AAOS Board of Directors. Designate members as AAOS delegates to the Biologics Alliance.

Reporting Relationship

Reports to the Council on Research and Quality



Eight (8) At-Large Members

One (1) ASTM/ISO Representative

One (1) American Association of Tissue Banks Representative

Three (3) Consultants including other professional society representatives

Term of Office

For chair, two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term.

For members-at-large, two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term.

Staff Liaison (title)

Senior Manager, Clinical Quality and Value Development


Last Updated: 9/21/19