2012 Safe, Accessible Playground Build

The threat of rain yesterday didn’t deter volunteers from constructing the Academy’s 13th safe, accessible playground at the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center, which serves the culturally diverse, low- and moderate-income residents of San Francisco’s North Beach, Chinatown, and Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhoods. The build kicked off at 8:30 a.m. and, 6 hours later, a playground stood where once had been an empty lot.

(Clockwise from upper left) AAOS First Vice-President John R. Tongue, MD, and President Daniel J. Berry, MD, hammers in hand, encourage builders to persevere.

The playground nears completion. Dozens of local children participated in a Design Day last fall to help shape the playground.

Neighborhood children line up in anticipation of the final ribbon-cutting to open the playground.

Timothy J. Mickel, MD, demonstrates the proper way to lift a wheelbarrow of cement.

Dirk H. Alander, MD, a veteran playground volunteer, tightens a bolt on one of the supports.

Mark your calendars for next year’s build—on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 in Chicago!