Winning Posters Selected

During the Breakfast in the Posters event, Program Committee chair Michael J. Stuart, MD, announced the overall best poster: “Radiation Dose Imparted by Cone-beam Computed Tomography in Thoraco-Lumbar Spinal Surgery.” This best poster in the Spine category (P350) was submitted by Jeffrey K. Lange, MD; Andrew Karellas, PhD; Natalie M. Egge, MD; Jason C. Eck, DO; Patrick J. Connolly, MD, and Christian DiPaola, MD; John T. Street, MD; and Anthony S. Lapinsky, MD.

The winning posters in the other ten categories follow.

Adult Reconstruction Hip
P101—“Patterns of Failure in Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty and Implications for Revision,” submitted by Alexander D. Liddle, MBBS; Keshthra Satchithananda, FRCR; Johann Henckel, BM; Shiraz Sabah, MD; Karuniyan V. Vipulendran; Angus Lewis, FRCS; Justin P. Cobb, MD; John Skinner, FRCS; and Alister Hart, FRCS.

Adult Reconstruction Knee
P161—“Evaluation of Transexemic Acid for Reducing Blood Loss After TKA,” submitted by Timothy Diiorio, MD; Andrea Irizarry, BS; and Peter Sharkey, MD.

Foot and Ankle
P215—“Subtalar and Naviculo-Cuneiform Fusion for Extended Breakdown of the Medial Arch,” submitted by Beat Hintermann, MD; Alexej Barg, MD; and Markus Knupp, MD.

Hand and Wrist
P231—“Comparison of Three Injection Techniques for Ulnar Nerve Blocks at the Wrist: A Cadaveric Study,” submitted by Edward Moon, MD; Nicholas Iannuzzi, MD, and Douglas P. Hanel, MD.

P246—“Independent Analysis of a Clinical Predictive Algorithm to Identify MRSA Osteomyelitis in Children,” submitted by Michael W. Shrader, MD; Mandy Nowlin; and Lee S. Segal, MD.

Practice Management/Health Policy
P268—“Analysis of 149 Surgical Site Infections: Implications for Adjusting Prophylactic Antibiotic Choice,” submitted by Thomas Norton; Faith Skeete; Sapna A. Mehta, MD; Joseph A. Bosco III, MD; and Michael Phillips, MD.

Shoulder and Elbow
P321—“Subscapularis Footprint Morphology, Tear Characteristics and Implications for Repair,” submitted by Jae-Chul Yoo, MD; Sang-Jin Shin, MD; Nick Jain; Bong-Jae Jun, MS; Michelle H. McGarry, MD; Thay Q. Lee, PhD; and Christopher Bui.

Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy
P412—“Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Early Reconstruction vs. Rehabilitation and Delayed Reconstruction for ACL Tears,” submitted by Richard C. Mather III, MD, Traverse City, Mich.; Carolyn Hettrich, MD, MPH; Warren Dunn, MD, MPH; Brian J. Cole, MD; Bernard R. Bach, Jr, MD; and Kurt P. Spindler, MD.

P490—“Complications with Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Calcaneal Fractures: Static versus Dynamic Retraction,” submitted by Megan Brady, MD; Dana L. Musapatika, MS; and David Brokaw, MD.

Tumor/Metabolic Disease
P540—“Over 10-year Follow-up Functional Outcomes in Patients with Bone Tumors Reconstructed Using Bone Distraction,” submitted by Koji Watanabe; Hidenori Matsubara, MD; Norio Yamamoto, MD; Hideji Nishida, MD; Katsuhiro Hayashi, MD; Akihiko Takeuchi, MD; Nomura Issei, MD; and Hiroyuki Tsuchiya, MD.