Pick up your ACO primer today

Stop by the Practice Management Booth or the Advocacy Booth in Academy Hall and pick up your 2011 primer on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), developed by the Health Care Systems Committee (HCSC).

The primer provides background information on ACOs, including a definition of what, in theory, they will look like, some payment models similar to ACOs, and perspectives on their implementation—both pro and con—from physicians, hospitals, and attorneys. This resource is designed to introduce orthopaedic surgeons to the topic and provide a jumping off point for further investigation and involvement.

“As a profession, orthopaedic surgeons have an opportunity to define the role of specialists in healthcare delivery reform and vertically integrated care delivery models. This primer provides a jumping-off point for further investigation and involvement in the national debate on this topic,” said Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA, chair of the HCSC.

The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons is very involved in the initial development of ACO regulations by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and believes the issue will be of great interest to orthopaedic surgeons.

Don’t have time to stop? Download the PDF from the AAOS Web site ( when you get home.

Questions on the primer and on the topic of ACOs can be directed to Matthew Twetten, AAOS senior health policy analyst and staff liaison to the HCSC, via e-mail at