The 2011 Orthopaedic Super Bowl

By: Michael F. Schafer, MD

By Michael F. Schafer, MD

 Each year, when Super Bowl Sunday arrives, I enjoy watching the ultimate game to crown the champion. It’s a great day for football fans, and it reminds me that my ultimate educational Super Bowl is soon to occur. Within a few weeks, I realize, it will be time for the AAOS Annual Meeting.

A winning Super Bowl team starts with a first-class organization that has the vision to hire and draft the appropriate talent that leads to success. As members of the AAOS, we are fortunate to have staff members who are both very talented and work tirelessly on our behalf to make sure that our “Super Bowl” is relevant and runs flawlessly. Their work is complemented by the hundreds of AAOS member volunteers who help plan all of the educational events associated with a meeting of this magnitude. The meeting site maximizes the educational experience and provides a venue for member networking.

As winning coach Lou Holtz said yesterday in his address, “Minimize the obstacles and maximize the opportunities.” Staff and volunteers work together to minimize obstacles so we all can maximize the opportunities available during this super educational event.

During my career, I have had the opportunity to get to know the staff and many of the countless volunteer members who are involved in planning and executing our Annual Meeting. I want to take the liberty as today’s Daily Edition editor to personally thank everyone involved in making this meeting a success. I also encourage all attendees to stop and thank any individual wearing an “AAOS STAFF” or “VOLUNTEER” badge for making this meeting a success. 

The National Football League has had 45 Super Bowls. The AAOS is celebrating its 78th “Super Bowl” of orthopaedic education, research, and technology. We may not know which teams will participate in Super Bowl XLVI next year, but I do hope that many of you will return to the AAOS “Super Bowl” next year in San Francisco!