Today's Featured Presentations

7:15 AM

Arthroscopic Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction Using Quadriceps Tendon Autograft: Remnant-Preserving

Sung-Jae Kim, MD; Sul-Gee Kim, MD; Sung-Hwan Kim, MD; Dea-Young Lee, MD; In-Kee Jo, MD; Yong-Min Chun, MD

9:15 AM
Vertical Humeral Osteotomy for the Revision of Humeral Components in Shoulder Arthroplasty

Geoffrey Van Thiel, MD; Gregory P. Nicholson, MD; James Patrick Halloran, MD; Dana Piasecki, MD; Matthew T. Provencher, MD; Anthony A. Romeo, MD

10:15 AM
UniCAPĀ® Meniscal Sparing Unicompartmental Surface Replacement: Surgical


Sandro Giannini, MD; Roberto Buda; Gian Luca Grandi, MD; Riccardo Ghermandi, MD; Alberto Ruffilli, MD; Matteo Nanni, MD

12:15 PM
Vascularized Humeral Window

Thomas W. Wright, MD; Deenesh T. Sahajpal, MD, FRCSC; Emery Patton, MA IB

1:15 PM
Arthroscopic Hip Labral Reconstruction with Gracilis Autograft

Dean K. Matsuda, MD

2:15 PM
Physical Evaluation of Hip Pain in Non/Pre-arthritic Patient and Athlete

Allston J. Stubbs IV, MD; Adam William Anz, MD; Benjamin L. Long, MS; John Frino, MD; Stephanie Cheetham, BS

3:15 PM
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for the Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures in the Elderly

Thomas Bradley Edwards, MD; Gregory N. Drake, DO; Hussein Adel Elkousy, MD

4:15 PM
Modification of the Latarjet for More Precise Coracoid Position by Plate Fixation

Giovanni Di Giacomo, MD; Alberto Costantini, MD; Andrea

De Vita, MD

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