Recognizing the best posters of 2010

This year, 567 posters were accepted for display at the Annual Meeting. The best poster in each of the 11 categories was chosen prior to the Annual Meeting by the relevant program subcommittee, and the final selection was made by members of the Program Committee.

On Friday morning, the overall best poster was announced by Joseph A. Bosco III, MD, chair of the Program Committee, and announced during the Breakfast in the Posters event. Following is the list of winning posters and their authors.

Overall winner—Practice Management/Non-Clinical
P271: The Total “Economic Cost” of Primary Total Joint Replacement Surgery in the United States

Authors: Ryan Michael Graver, MPH; Lisa Da Deppo, PharmD, MPH, MSc; Erik M. Harris, MHA; and Shamiram R. Feinglass, MD, MPH

Adult Reconstruction Hip
P100: Interpretation of Metal Ion Levels After Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing

Authors: Koen Aime DeSmet, MD; Patricia A. Campbell, PhD; Maarten Van Orsouw, MD; Harinderjit Singh Gill, PhD

Adult Reconstruction Knee
P198: Mortality Risk Scores as Outcome Predictors in Geriatric Patients after Knee and Hip Arthroplasty

Authors: Carlos A. Higuera, MD; Karim Ahmed Elsharkawy, MD; Alison K. Klika, MS; Joseph F. Styron; Wael K. Barsoum, MD

Foot and Ankle
P221: In-vivo Cartilage Contact Strains in Patients with Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability

Authors: Johanna E. Bischof; Adam Michael Caputo, MD; Jun Young Lee, MD; Charles E. Spritzer, MD; Mark E. Easley, MD; James Keith DeOrio, MD; James Albert Nunley II, MD; Louis E. DeFrate, MS

Hand and Wrist
P233: Enchondroma of the Hand: Factors Affecting Recurrence, Healing, Motion, and Malignant Transformation

Authors: Adam Sassoon, MD; Steven L. Moran, MD

P248: Complications of Hip Arthroscopy in Children and Adolescents

Authors: Mininder S. Kocher, MD; Benedict U. Nwachukwu; Eric McFeely; James A. Krcik, MD; Yi-Meng Yen, MD

Shoulder and Elbow
P317: The Trochlea is an Important Stabilizer of Both the Ulnohumeral and Radiocapitellar Joints

Authors: Marlis Sabo, MD; Katherine Fay, MSc; Louis Ferreira, MSc; Colin McDonald, PhD; Jim Johnson, PhD; Graham J.W. King, MD

P369: Does Obesity Affect Outcomes of Treatment for Lumbar Stenosis and Degenerative Spondylolisthesis?

Authors: Jeffrey Rihn, MD; Mark F. Kurd, MD; Mitch Freedman, DO; Emily Blood, MS; Alexander Vaccaro, MD; Ravi K. Ponnappan, MD; Alan S. Hilibrand, MD; Todd J. Albert, MD; James N. Weinstein, DO, MS

Sports Medicine
P415: Incidence and Risk Factors for Reinjury 15 Years After ACL Re­con­struction with Patellar Tendon Graft

Authors: Lucy J. Salmon, PhD; Justin Phillip Roe, MD; Leo A. Pinczewski, FRACS; Alison Kok

P473: Orthopaedic Trauma: “Treat or Transfer?”

Authors: Christiaan Mamczak, DO; Michael J. Gardner, MD; William M. Ricci, MD

Tumor/Metabolic Disease
P532: Does Zoledronic Acid Increase Risk of Atypical Subtrochanteric Femoral Shaft Fractures? Results of the HORIZON Pivotal Fracture Trial

Authors: Michael Patrick Kelly, MD; Dennis Black; Harry K. Genant, MD; Christina Bucci-Rechtweg, MD; Douglas C. Bauer, MD; Peter Mesenbrink, PhD; Lisa Palermo, PhD; Lewis Nusgraten, Richard Eastell, MD