Congress delays cuts again

After the healthcare reform symposium concluded, the Senate passed HR 4213, a bill to extend certain tax policies and stimulate job growth. The bill also includes provisions that would extend current Medicare physician payment rates until October 1, 2010.

The AAOS continues to push for meaningful Medicare reform that both repeals and replaces the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula with a solution that is fully paid for without borrowing from future Medicare payments, that is sustainable long term, and that more closely reflects the actual increased practice cost as measured by the Medicare Economic Index (MEI).

The AAOS Office of Government Relations will continue to monitor the status of HR 4213 as it now moves to the House of Representatives. The AAOS maintains that measures that fall short of repealing and replacing the SGR formula are unacceptable.

The AAOS will continue to provide updates regarding legislation pertaining to Medicare reimbursement rates as well as the broader issue of healthcare reform. For more information on healthcare reform and the AAOS’ advocacy efforts, visit the AAOS Advocacy Booth in the Hall A Lobby in the Morial Convention Center or the government relations Web site at