Why not take a chance on the AAOS Group Purchasing Program?

By Jackie Ryan, MPA

Real values and real savings can be yours

Are high overhead costs making your pulse race? How would you like to save 10 percent, 15 percent, or even 20 percent on your supplies, products, and services?

Stop by the Practice Management Booth in Academy Row, on Level 2, Hall D, and find out why so many AAOS members are participating in the AAOS Group Purchasing Program. It’s a fast, convenient

way to save money and increase productivity.

Through the AAOS Group Purchasing Program, eSurg offers you an unparalleled selection of 16,500 medical/surgical items, 25,000 office supplies, and 3,200 pharmaceutical products. It could become a single source for all your practice supply and equipment needs. Convenient online ordering saves you time and EZ Order templates can automate and customize your re-orders. eSurg simplifies your ordering, generates reports, and consolidates your invoicing.

Taking advantage of the savings

Only in its second year, the AAOS Group Purchasing Program continues to exceed expectations. AAOS members are discovering the savings and signing up. In January 2009 alone, for example, 287 orthopaedic practices submitted purchase orders. Overall participation in the group purchasing program has increased 57 percent in the past year.

The number one reason AAOS members give for participating in the AAOS Group Purchasing Program is lower prices. Savings are also why practices keep coming back; more than 3 out of 4 practices who tried the program in 2008 continue to use it—an average of 16 times through­out the year. Average savings in 2008 increased to nearly 20 percent compared to current suppliers. In addition, AAOS members receive an additional 2 percent discount relative to nonmembers.

Satisfied users recommend the program

The AAOS Group Purchasing Plan offers more than just savings. It also offers top quality products; easy access to online product ordering, tracking, and reporting; easy implementation; and top-notch customer service.

The goal is to satisfy you, and AAOS members are highly satisfied. In the 2008 year-end survey, 92 per­cent of AAOS member respondents indicated that they would recommend the program to another colleague.

The AAOS also benefits when you purchase medical, surgical, and office products through the group purchasing program, because it receives 1 percent of the total purchase volume on a quarterly basis. These funds help the AAOS hold the line on the fees it must charge for members to attend meetings and educational courses.

Negotiating power

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a small or specialty group, the AAOS Group Purchasing Program enables you to obtain the best pricing on hundreds of items your practice uses every day. As participation in the program increases, eSurg is able to negotiate better pricing from manufacturers.

Already this year, prices for Kenalog® and Depo-Medrol® products have been reduced from 5 percent to 15 percent. Although other suppliers are increasing prices for 3MTM Casting Tape, eSurg has held the line. The AAOS Group Purchasing Program is set up to give you the most flexibility and fast, substantial results.

See for yourself

See for yourself whether the AAOS Group Purchasing Program can save your office money. Stop by the Practice Management Booth in Academy Row, on Level 2, Hall D. Find out how to receive your free Customized Savings Analysis. The analysis is based on your practice’s actual purchasing habits, so you can see just how much your practice can save on a typical order. And there are no charges, no risk, and no further obligation on your part.

See the products available via eSurg and “test drive” the user-friendly product order form at

Jackie Ryan is a practice management program coordinator in the AAOS practice management group. She can be reached at or (847) 384-4334.