Personal physician Web sites - better than ever

By Jim Ogle

Whether you have a Web site or not, check out this member benefit

Do you have your own Web site? If not, isn’t it time you took advantage of the AAOS “OrthoDoc” templates to build one? More than 4,200 members already have, and almost 80,000 people visit the sites every month. The online membership directory, Find an Orthopaedist, automatically links to member Web sites created using the templates.

New visuals and additional options have significantly improved and enhanced the “OrthoDoc” sites, making them easier than ever to create and maintain.

New templates—modern look

Eight templates enable you to change the look of your site whenever you want. The new templates ensure that page content is correctly displayed in various Web browsers and popular mobile devices such as iPhones.

All templates have seven main headings—Home, About, Library, Location & Hours, Specialties, Forms & Payment, and Image Gallery—but only those you choose to use will be displayed. A wizard will lead you through the process of developing and then enhancing your site.

You can also customize the headings and navigation links to use your own terminology, which enables international members to create OrthoDoc Web sites in their native language. For example, instead of “Home” or “Location & Hours,” Spanish users can rename the pages “Inicio,” or “Locales y Horas.”

Finding your office

An embedded Google™ map on the “Location & Hours” page pinpoints your primary office location. When you add other addresses, the system automatically adds a corresponding “Get directions on Google™ link. Most international members can also use this mapping tool.

All AAOS template-driven personal physician Web sites use a generic Web address (URL) that begins with and ends with your choice of name (such as DrDanJones or MillerMD). If you already have a domain name (such as or, you can use this custom address and it will point to your AAOS Web site. If you don’t have a domain name, but would like to use this feature, contact Pam Butenshen via e-mail at or call (847) 384-4282 for assistance.

Adding images and videos

The new system automatically sizes and scales pictures and graphics that you upload to the Web site, making it easier to maintain, change, and update your site. The new templates have reserved spots for a physician photograph, a practice logo, and one to three additional images.

The “Image Gallery” can be used for images, graphics, photographs, or radiographs to describe and promote your services. For example, you might include photos of your staff or building, interior views of your office, or pictures of medical or therapeutic equipment.

You can even add video clips to the “Library” section. Videos will automatically play in a separate pop-up window. You can link to video clips on streaming video sites such as YouTube under the “Recommended Web Sites” section.

Patients can “bookmark” the pages and page links can be sent through e-mail. In addition, the printer-friendly option enables staff, patients, and the public to print the content of each page without displaying superfluous information.

Pick lists

Your patients can learn about your involvement in various medical societies in the “Society Memberships” section on the “About” page. Simply choose from the lists of each state medical and orthopaedic society, many regional societies, and all specialty societies belonging to the Board of Specialty Societies.

You can also link to any of the medical education content on Your Orthopaedic Connection (, the Academy’s patient education Web site. Printouts will automatically include your name and practice contact information to enhance your relationship with your patients.

With AAOS templates, there’s no reason for you not to have an Internet presence. To update your current OrthoDoc site with these new features, log in at

The companion to the personal physician Web sites—group practice Web sites—do not currently have these features. The new features will be available for group practice Web sites no later than June 2009.

If you haven’t yet built a site, now is the time to do so. If you have questions or need help, contact Pam Butenshen at or call (847) 384-4282.