Surgeon on the Street:

What was the highlight of the meeting for you?

Javier Baldizón Recio, MD
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Barbara Jean Campbell, MD
Somerset, Pa.

“Seeing my fellows and colleagues is the most important thing. But I also like to attend the symposiums. I just came from one on the use of biologicals on bone defects. It reminded me of what to do and how to do it.”

“The opening ceremony. A few of the people I’ve trained with are now receiving awards, so it was fun. Dr. Lawrence Hurst, who was my chief resident, won the OREF Clinical Research Award for his work with Dupuytren’s contracture.”

Melvin D. Helgeson, MD

Bowie, Md.

Mark James Herr, MD

Eau Claire, Wisc.

“I’ve really enjoyed all the different aspects of the academic program. Being in training, there’s so much to learn. It really helps to get the full background and the breadth of knowledge that the academic program provides.”

“The point-counterpoint between Tommy Thompson and Sen. Bill Bradley was excellent—especially the update on healthcare reform. It was uplifting and thought-provoking.”