MTF announces 2009 research grant recipients

Since its inception in 1987, the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) has been at the forefront of supporting allograft research, awarding approximately $20 million through 2009. MTF anticipates awarding close to $2.3 million in grants and awards in the 2009 calendar year. Five AAOS members are among the 2009 grant recipients.

Three types of grants are awarded: peer-reviewed scientific grants, reviewed by a panel of external reviewers as well as the MTF Research Committee; career development grants, awarded to support academic career development in allograft-related science; and the J.R. Neff Award, given in honor of one of MTF’s long-time board members, James R. Neff, MD.

Winners of the peer-review grants with AAOS membership status include: Clare M. Rimnac, PhD, of Case Western Reserve University, Effect of microscopic tissue damage on the long-term viability of cortical bone allografts, $124,162; Allen T. Bishop, MD, of Mayo Clinic, Surgical angiogenesis and growth factor delivery in frozen segmental bone allografts: Investigation of bone blood flow, biomechanics and bone remodeling in revitalized previously necrotic structural bone grafts in a new orthotopic rat model, $125,000; Thomas J. Gill, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Allogeneic cell therapy to stimulate meniscal repair and regeneration, $125,000, and Rex Haydon, MD, PhD, of The University of Chicago, Synergistic use of osteogenic BMPs in a New Zealand white rabbit model of spine fusion, $124,496. Quanjun Cui, MD, of the University of Virginia, was awarded a Career Development Award of $299,999 for An optimal deliverable composite graft for bone repair.

For more information on how to apply for a research grant, contact Hans Burchardt, PhD, vice president, scientific affairs, at or call (570) 496-3434.