New orthopaedic society debuts

The first international society dedicated to the evaluation and use of new biologic treatments for orthopaedic conditions has been formed.

The Biologic Orthopaedic Society ( held its inaugural meeting on Tuesday, February 24, 2009. Presiding founders Allan K. Mishra, MD, from Stanford, Calif., and Pietro S. Randelli, MD, of Milan, Italy, cochaired the meeting of 12 internationally renowned orthopaedic researchers.

“Regenerative medicine and biologics are pushing orthopaedics into new and exciting directions,” Dr. Mishra said. “But until we formed the Biologic Orthopaedic Society, no one group represented a vibrant research community that is hard at work developing these applications for orthopaedic use.”

“This is a collaborative effort of several eminent scientists who recognize the immense potential of biologics to improve orthopaedic care,” added Dr. Randelli. “We want to share what we have learned in our own labs, to compare results, collaborate on promising treatments, and disseminate this important information to the orthopaedic community at large.”

Members’ research interests include stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions; platelet-rich plasma injections for chronic tendinitis, disk regeneration, and accelerated healing; molecular and cell biology and biomaterials for tendon-to-bone healing; and recombinant bone morphogenetic proteins to repair fresh fractures. Current research suggests that these biologic treatments may be used alone or in combination for optimal effect.

Membership in the privately funded society is by invitation only and will in the future be extended to researchers who have considerable expertise in and a demonstrated commitment to the investigation of new and emerging biologic techniques.

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