Celebrate AAOS 75th Anniversary at Opening Ceremony

This year’s Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony will make you particularly proud to be a member of the AAOS, as the Academy celebrates 75 years of “embracing the past; branching into the future.”

From the seven founders of the AAOS to the Class of 2008, you’ll see the history of orthopaedics presented in the powerful and moving “Orthopaedic Allegro.” You’ll also get a sneak preview of “Moving Pictures,” the AAOS historical film, as well as all of the other exhibits and events celebrating the Academy’s 75th Anniversary.

Another highlight of the Opening Ceremonies will be the 2008 Academy’s public service advertising campaign. From the television campaign featuring the “Grim Reaper,” to print ads featuring a “Rosie the Riveter”-like character with the message that “She can do it! Orthopaedic surgery is women’s work, too,” to patient stories, the 2008 campaign delivers the message: Orthopaedics—and orthopaedic surgeons—improve the quality of life for Americans young and old.

In addition, the Kappa Delta and OREF Awards will be presented and AAOS President James H. Beaty, MD, will summarize the 2007 Academy’s challenges and achievements in areas such as education, unity, advocacy, and orthopaedic–industry partnerships.

It’s all scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. in the Gateway Ballroom of the Moscone Convention Center. Plan on attending. It will be an unforgettable experience!