Opening Ceremony celebrates Academy's 75th Anniversary

By: Annie Hayashi

By Annie Hayashi

From the first notes of the “Orthopaedic Allegro” to the final words of advice to the new members of the class of 2008, the Opening Ceremony of the 75th Anniversary AAOS Annual Meeting celebrated the Academy’s rich history and accomplishments.

AAOS President James H. Beaty, MD, gave the audience a preview of the many 75th Anniversary exhibits and events scheduled during the meeting and urged everyone to visit the “Digital Timeline,” to view the “Academy Chronicles,” and to tour the “Moving Stories” and “eMotion Pictures” exhibits. He expressed his deep appreciation to chairs of the 75th Anniversary Project Team—James J. Hamilton, MD, and Robert H. Bucholz, MD—as well as to the project team members for their efforts to actualize the anniversary theme of “Embracing the past, branching into the future.”

James H. Beaty, MD

After a welcome by local chair, Kevin Bozic, MD, MBA, Dr. Beaty recognized international orthopaedic society presidents, the many volunteers who serve the Academy in leadership positions, and the industry partners who support the Academy’s education efforts through donations of supplies, equipment, and funding.

Dr. Beaty also introduced William B. Krissoff, MD, an AAOS Fellow whose son, Lt. Nathan Krissoff, had been killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Dr. Krissoff’s response to this tragedy—enlisting himself in the Navy Medical Corps—made him a “hero among us,” said Dr. Beaty.

G. Paul DeRosa, MD, executive director of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, was also honored for his many leadership roles in orthopaedics.

The Academy’s achievements
“It’s no secret that education is the heart and soul of the Academy and was a major focus during the past year,” said Dr. Beaty as he reviewed a number of initiatives and successes—from a workshop on the “Future of Orthopaedic Education” to efforts to address the orthopaedic on-call crisis.

He also reviewed the Academy’s response to ongoing investigations into the relationships between orthopaedic surgeons and industry, paying special attention to programs designed to help members avoid potential conflicts: a Web site, Standards of Professionalism, an online educational seminar, articles in AAOS Now, and a symposium on “The Evolving Orthopaedic Surgeon–Industry Relationship” scheduled for Friday.

During the unveiling of the Academy’s 2008 public service announcement, Dr. Beaty received a surprise visit from one of the characters in the television spot. “You never know,” he said, “when the Grim Reaper will show up at your door…” just as a hooded, cloaked figure tapped his shoulder. But as a “testament to clean living,” Dr. Beaty was able to “foil old Grim again.”

A more recent achievement was the construction, on Tuesday, of a playground in Balboa Park. “This wasn’t just any playground,” Dr. Beaty noted. “This is a 6,000 square foot playground where children with and without disabilities can play together…our legacy to our host city, and the ninth Annual Meeting playground built in just one day.”

CEO addresses partnerships
In her address, Karen L. Hackett, FACHE, CAE, AAOS Chief Executive Officer, noted that the tremendous progress orthopaedics has made in the past 75 years is due, in part, to the partnerships that orthopaedic surgeons have formed with industry. She underscored the necessity and importance of those partnerships to the continued advancement of the specialty.

Ms. Hackett indicated that the Academy will continue to “take the lead and speak out about how important the appropriate and ethical partnerships between orthopaedic surgeons and industry are, and about the value and benefits that result from these relationships.” She also recognized the significant partnership between AAOS volunteers and Academy staff members.

The graduates of the Academy’s Leadership Fellows Program were recognized by Dr. Beaty and the fellowship, in particular for their special project to interview past presidents of the Academy about leadership and orthopaedics.

Award presentations
Joining Dr. Beaty for the presentation of the Kappa Delta and Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) research awards were Denis R. Clohisy, MD, chair of the AAOS Committee on Research Development; Lillian Leslie, from Kappa Delta Sorority; and Thomas A. Einhorn, MD, OREF vice chair, grants.

Allan K. Mishra, MD, of the AAOS Membership Committee, introduced the Class of 2008; S. Terry Canale, MD, delivered the new member address.