AAOS Encourages Member Feedback

By: Steve Wierdak

Make your voice heard by participating in focus groups, surveys

In December 2013, the AAOS Board of Directors approved a new education strategy designed to be more responsive to members’ needs. Following the Board’s approval, the Academy began transitioning to a portfolio-based model for education to deliver relevant material across the orthopaedic spectrum.

Evan L. Flatow, MD, chair of the AAOS Council on Education, stressed the significance of member involvement in the identification and development of the Academy’s new education portfolio. (See “AAOS Enhances its Education Strategy,” October 2016, AAOS Now). In other words, in order for us to deliver the relevant and convenient resources that meet your clinical and educational needs, we need your feedback.

You can help
Every year the AAOS conducts focus groups and launches surveys to understand members’ needs, preferences, and challenges related to orthopaedic education and practice. These focus groups and surveys are an opportunity for you, the members, to share your opinions about AAOS projects and programs critical to your profession and patient care.

The new AAOS education strategy requires more feedback from, and dialogue with, members than ever before. This research will help inform the efforts of the Council on Education’s newly created Content Committees as they work to enhance the Academy’s educational offerings in 10 anatomically based content areas. Academy leadership encourages you to take part in the Member Feedback survey during this year’s Annual Meeting. In addition to education, the survey also addresses quality and research, communication, advocacy, and the AAOS professional compliance program. The survey is accessible through the My Academy app or at kiosks located throughout the convention center.

In the future, if you are ever asked to participate in an AAOS study, please consider doing so. Your input makes AAOS products and services better and can help improve the profession.

To learn more about what to expect when you participate in a focus group or complete a survey, please contact me at wierdak@aaos.org                    

Steve Wierdak is the marketing research manager in the AAOS marketing department.