OLC Keeps Up with Changing Preferences in CME

Long a destination for hands-on, laboratory-based learning, the OLC (Orthopaedic Learning Center) Education & Conference Center, in the AAOS headquarters building in Rosemont, Ill., continues to keep up with AAOS members’ changing continuing medical education (CME) needs and learning preferences.

“The OLC is a world-class facility because of the tremendous care and planning that went into making it an optimal learning environment,” said Lise A. Puckorius, OLC chief executive officer.

As many as 96 participants can simultaneously take part in wet or dry labs in the OLC, which is equipped with cutting-edge and high-definition audiovisual equipment. In addition, the facility—which offers several auditoriums and small meeting rooms—features a high-definition broadcast video studio completely prewired for live video streaming. Real-time audio and video can be broadcast virtually anywhere throughout the facility and around the world to enable distance learning, making it possible for several AAOS courses to blend live face-to-face courses with webinars or livestreamed demonstrations.

Visit OLCEvents.com and go to “Book an Event” and “OLC Calendar” for a list of upcoming AAOS courses, or call the OLC at (847) 384-4210.