Make Your Voice Heard

By: Charlotte Kamphuis

Take part in AAOS focus groups and surveys

In 2014, the AAOS implemented its new education and publication strategy in a 6-year strategic plan, “Vision 20/20.” The plan includes revised mission and vision statements, new core values, strategic domains, essential components, and objectives in 2-year increments, along with strategies to achieve those objectives. For the strategic plan to be successful, the AAOS must maintain an ongoing dialogue with its members to ensure the Academy provides high-quality products and services that meet members’ clinical and educational needs.


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Every year, the AAOS conducts focus groups and launches surveys to understand members’ needs, preferences, and challenges related to orthopaedic education and practice. Both data collection tools are used to gather information about individuals. Focus groups help to inform the Academy’s actions and enhance its decision-making process by getting to the root of members’ perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions. Surveys are excellent tools for predicting trends as well as examining and measuring data provided by subsets of members.

Focus groups and surveys offer opportunities for you to weigh in on AAOS projects and programs critical to your profession and patient care. Sometimes, these are ad hoc studies, such as the focus groups being held during this Annual Meeting on offering content in a subscription-style delivery format. Other studies reoccur regularly, such as the biennial Orthopaedic Surgeon Census. Both study types deliver insights that have an impact on the AAOS portfolio.

How to participate
Please consider volunteering if you are asked to participate in an AAOS study. Your input makes AAOS products and services better. Contact me directly if you would like to volunteer or to learn more about what to expect when you participate in a focus group or complete a survey.

Charlotte Kamphuis is a lead marketing research analyst in the AAOS marketing department. She can be reached at