Leading the Way for Orthopaedics in Colombia

By: Antonio Luis Solano Urrutia, MD

SCCOT focuses on training and research to improve patient care

Orthopaedics in Colombia has come a long way since the 1930s. Over the decades, improvements in areas such as surgical technology and metallurgy have opened new fields of study and training to Colombia’s orthopaedists. Schools founded in Colombia’s major cities in the 1950s have continued to serve as a driving force of orthopaedic education. Today, Colombia has 14 orthopaedic training programs at internationally accredited institutions that include public as well as private training hospitals. 


Antonio Luis Solano Urrutia, MD

Due largely to the efforts of the Colombian Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology (SCCOT), Colombia is emerging as one of Latin America’s leading countries in orthopaedics. SCCOT, which publishes a great deal of high-quality orthopaedic research, founded the Latin American Training and Research Center in Minimally Invasive Techniques (CLEMI) 8 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia. CLEMI, which is equipped with arthroscopic surgery simulators for training with cadaveric and animal specimens, promotes orthopaedic research and offers instruction in areas such as spine surgery, arthroscopy, reconstruction, and microsurgery. 

In the future, SCCOT will continue to design and develop excellent training opportunities for orthopaedists in Latin America to help enhance clinical and technological knowledge and skills, and to add to the scientific literature. Our society places a great deal of importance on collaborating with orthopaedists in different regions of the Americas and other continents, with the ultimate goal of improving clinical practice and patient care. We believe we can achieve these goals through a continued emphasis on subspecialty training and practice—something we have been working on for the last decade. Knowing that specialty care will lead to better patient outcomes, we are confident that we are on the right path.


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Antonio Luis Solano Urrutia, MD, is president of SCCOT. He can be reached at secretaria@sccot.org.co

Editor’s Note: This column—the first in a four-part series—offers an introduction to the practice of orthopaedics in Colombia, the country chosen as the 2016 AAOS Guest Nation. Tomorrow’s column will pre­sent lessons Colombian orthopaedists have learned in treating firearm and explosive wounds, while Thursday’s column will explore a novel anterior approach to the elbow used by the Orthopaedic and Traumatology Service of the National University of Colombia. Finally, Friday’s column will describe courses offered at the Latin American Training and Research Center in Minimally Invasive Techniques (CLEMI) in Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá.