Clinician-Patient Communication Workshop

Communication skills are important in the patient/physician relationship for both understanding and trust. Improved patient and physician communication can lead to improved satisfaction, adherence to treatments, outcomes, and reduced liability. Because communication skills can be taught, orthopaedic surgeons should strive to improve these skills throughout our careers. Public opinion surveys conducted by the Academy reveal that Americans view orthopaedic surgeons "high tech, low touch". Therefore, it is important to find new ways to address our communication skills, as part of our continuing medical education. The Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC) has trained a select group of AAOS Communication Skills Mentors, who will conduct interactive workshops based on the Institute's educational model at local, state, regional, and residency programs.  The Institute awards up to 4 hours CME credit to each participant. 

Presented By:

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
and the Institute For Health Care Communication

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