AAOS Research Symposia

AAOS/OTA/SOMOS/ORS Extremity War Injuries VII: A Decade at War: Evolution of Orthopaedic Combat Casualty Care

    • Principal Investigators: COL Romney Andersen, MD and CAPT(R) Michael Bosse, MD

    • Dates: January 18-20, 2012 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC

    • Participants: Military and civilian orthopaedic surgeons, researchers, government, and other medical specialties (by invitation only)

    • Overview of Topics:

    • Session I: Acute Care (Medic Through Combat Support Hospital)
    • Session II: Reconstruction
    • Session III: Rehabilitation
    • EWI VII Collaboration Session I: Training Future Combat Surgeons

      § 1A: Tourniquet Use / Acute Hemostasis - Point/Counterpoint

      § 1B: Maintaining an Effective Training Program: Solutions to Challenges in Resident Education

      § 1C: Pre-Deployment Training

    • Session IV: Outcomes
    • Session V: Axioms Altered with Research (AAR)
    • EWI VII Collaboration Session II: Reprioritizing Research Topics

      § 2A: Acute Care

      § 2B: Reconstruction

      § 2C: Rehabilitation

For more information on attending or sponsoring this symposium, please contact Erin Ransford, AAOS Manager, Research Development, at ransford@aaos.org .

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