Scope of Practice Partnership

The AMA's Scope of Practice Partnership (SOPP) offers grants to state medical and specialty societies facing scope of practice challenges. These funds may be used on their own or in conjunction with AAOS legislative grants. The AAOS encourages state orthopaedic societies to take advantage of both resources.

Consistency with Scope of Practice Partnership Objectives

Advocacy efforts, as well as litigation efforts, can be an expensive undertaking, and competition for funding of these efforts can be intense. Scope of Practice Partnership ("SOP Partnership") project funding is derived solely from all medical societies participating in a proposed campaign and/or project. Consequently, the SOP Partnership Steering Committee carefully reviews each request and determines whether the proposed project is consistent with the objectives of the SOP Partnership and with the policies of the AMA.


Requirements for All Campaigns and Projects

Each scope of practice campaign or project proposed to the SOP Partnership must have a detailed Campaign Action Plan ("CAP") and budget, including funding commitments, which must be approved by all medical societies participating in the campaign or project.

All CAPs must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The project's aims must be consistent with AMA policies;

  • Where the project is specifically geared at an activity occurring in a specific state, the affected state medical association must support SOP Partnership involvement.

  • Where the project is specifically geared at an activity directly affecting a particular national specialty medical society, the affected national specialty medical society must support Scope Partnership involvement; and


    Additional Criteria

    SOP Partnership support may take the form of monetary funding, in-kind services, or both. It is impossible to create a definitive list of criteria for determining whether the SOP Partnership Steering Committee will accept a project. In addition to the three criteria discussed above, the following selection factors will be reviewed, as applicable:

  • Whether the issue is one of first impression;

  • Whether there is precedential value regarding the campaign or project at issue;

  • Whether the issue is one of national significance (e.g. involvement of the Department of Veteran's Affairs, Department of Defense);

  • Whether the issue is one that implicates major patient safety concerns;

  • Whether the medical society making the request has committed a substantial amount of its own resources;

  • Whether a good relationship exists between the affected national medical specialty society and state medical association;

  • Whether a coordinated plan of action exists between all affected federation partners regarding the particular scope battle at issue;

  • The type and level of assistance being requested;

  • The allocation of AMA resources required by the proposal;

  • Whether in-kind contributions are possible (as opposed to monetary contributions); and

  • The likely chances of success.


    Continuing Review

    All projects selected for SOP Partnership support are reviewed continuously until concluded. The SOP Partnership Steering Committee has absolute discretion to determine whether to continue funding cases.


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