Exhibitor Monthly Newsletter Updates

  • September Newsletter
    (Exhibitor housing, Industry sessions, and more)
  • October Newsletter
    (Exhibitor Service Manual, Checklist, Badge registration, Exhibitor profile, and more)
  • November Newsletter
    (Exhibitor Insurance, Target move-in, Exhibitor meeting space, Education/Resources for exhibitors, and more)
  • December Newsletter
    (Orthopaedist's Bag, Advertising guidelines, Booth height limits, and more)
  • January Newsletter
    (Promotional Opportunities, Shuttle Bus Schedule, Badge Colors, and more)
  • February Newsletter
    (Booth Services, Deadlines, NV Sales Tax, Advertising Guidelines, and more)  
  • March Newsletter
    (on-site information: wi-fi network, safety/security, locations to know, booth setup deadline, and more)