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One in four Americans suffers from an impairment that impacts their ability to move. This can be devastating to people’s lives — impacting work, physical health and one’s family and social life. These patients deserve access to high-quality orthopaedic care so that they may return to gainful employment and/or a more productive, higher quality of life. Unencumbered access to orthopaedic care is key to ensuring that our workers, communities, and economy remain healthy and strong.

Interested in becoming involved in advocacy and making your voice heard? Share your orthopaedic story online here and check the box that says: “I’d like to receive updates on policy issues that may affect orthopaedic patients.” You can also read more about our advocacy issues online here and even take action on important issues online here. Other questions? Contact us by emailing or follow us on twitter at @AAOSAdvocacy.

Helpful Links

  • AAOS Legislative Action Center - take action on grassroots efforts to increase access to care.
  • A Nation In Motion - hear directly from other patients about what the experience is like and leave your own story.
  • OrthoInfo - contains over 400 articles about fractures, sports injuries, joint replacement and other orthopaedic topics written specially for patients and families. We have the latest orthopaedic news as well as information on safety and prevention. All of our articles are written and peer reviewed by orthopaedic surgeons who are experts in their fields.

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