Position Statements

AAOS Position Statements are developed as educational tools based on the opinions of the authors. They are not a product of a systematic review. Readers are encouraged to consider the information presented and reach their own conclusions.

Table of Contents

All-Terrain Vehicles Doc. No. 1101
Performance Enhancing Drugs Doc. No. 1102
Animals in Biomedical Research Doc. No. 1103
Value Driven Use of Orthopaedic Implants
Doc. No. 1104
Credentialing in the Use of Specialized Instrumentation in Orthopaedics (Retired December 2008) Doc. No. 1105
Delineation of Clinical Privileges in Orthopaedic Surgery Doc. No. 1106
Fee "Unbundling" and Uniform Definitions for Surgical Procedures (Retired September 2013) Doc. No. 1108
The Financing of Graduate Medical Education Doc. No. 1109
Bicyclist, Motorcycle and Passenger Safety Doc. No. 1110
Improving America's Trauma Care System (Retired June 2008) Doc. No. 1111
Medicare Payments to New Physicians (Retired December 2007) Doc. No. 1112
Osteoporosis/Bone Health in Adults as a National Public Health Priority Doc. No. 1113
Physician DRGs (Retired December 2007) Doc. No. 1114
Principles of Medicare Reform (Retired June 2008) Doc. No. 1115
Prevention of Hip Fractures Due to Osteoporosis Doc. No. 1116
Medical Liability Reform
Doc. No. 1118
Reimbursement of the First Assistant at Surgery in Orthopaedics Doc. No. 1120
Safety Belts and Other Restraints of Motor Vehicle Occupants Doc. No. 1121
Screening for the Early Detection of Idiopathic Scoliosis in Adolescents Doc. No. 1122
Sports and Recreational Programs for Physically Disabled People (Retired December 2008) Doc. No. 1123
The Use of Knee Braces (Retired December 2008)  Doc. No. 1124
The Scope of Orthopaedic Practice in Managed Care Arrangements (Retired December 2007) Doc. No. 1125
Twenty-four Hour Coverage Concept (Retired June 2008) Doc. No. 1126
In-Line Skating and Skateboarding Safety Doc. No. 1127
Medicare Joint Replacement Demonstration Project (Retired December 2007) Doc. No. 1128
Medical Savings Accounts (Retired June 2008) Doc. No. 1129
Relationships Between Health Care Plans & Trauma Systems (Retired June 2015) Doc. No. 1130
Medical & Surgical Procedure Patents (Retired December 2007) Doc. No. 1131
In-Office Diagnostic Imaging Studies by Orthopaedic Surgeons Doc. No. 1132
Banning Antipersonnel Land Mines (Retired December 2008) Doc. No. 1133
Firearms Violence (Retired September 2010) Doc. No. 1134
Trampolines and Trampoline Safety Doc. No. 1135
Managed Care in Workers Compensation (Retired June 2008) Doc. No. 1136
Sledding Safety (Retired September 2010 and replaced by Statement 1152 - Winter Sports Safety and Helmet Use) Doc. No. 1137
The Need for Daily Physical Activity Doc. No. 1138
Use of Breakaway Bases in Preventing Recreational Baseball and Softball Injuries Doc. No. 1140
Health Care Coverage for Children At Risk (Retired June 2008) Doc. No. 1141
Power Lawnmower Safety Doc. No. 1142
Power Snow Thrower/Blower Safety Doc. No. 1143
Hip Fracture in Seniors: A Call for Health System Reform(Retired June 2014) Doc. No. 1144
The Risks of Shoulder and Elbow Injury from Participation in Youth Baseball Doc. No. 1145
Telemedicine, Computers and the Internet (Retired June 2008) Doc. No. 1146
Health Care Plan Accountability (Retired December 2007) Doc. No. 1147
Surgical Care of the Lower Extremities Doc. No. 1148
Medical Error/Patient Safety Reporting Systems Doc. No. 1149
Early Return to Work Programs (Retired June 2011) Doc. No. 1150
Prompt Payment of Physician Claims Doc. No. 1151
Winter Sports Safety and Helmet Use Doc. No. 1152
The Effects of Tobacco Exposure on the Musculoskeletal System (Retired February 2016 and replaced by Information Statement 1047 - Tobacco Use and Orthopaedic Surgery)   Doc. No. 1153
Prescription Drug Coverage Under Medicare (Retired September 2013) Doc. No. 1154
Reprocessed Single Use Devices (Retired June 2006) Doc. No. 1155
Family Violence (Retired February 2007) Doc. No. 1156
Emergency Department On-Call Coverage (Retired December 2007) Doc. No. 1157
Shortage of Nursing Professionals Doc. No. 1158
Orthopaedic Care of Patients with Fragility Fractures
Doc. No. 1159
Limiting Residents' Duty Hours (Retired December 2014) Doc. No. 1160
Ambulatory Surgical Centers Doc. No. 1161
Pharmaceutical and Device Company Direct to Consumer Advertising Doc. No. 1162
Evidence-Based Guidelines (Retired June 2011) Doc. No. 1163
Training for New Technologies (Retired June 2011) Doc. No. 1164
Defining Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace (Retired June 2011) Doc. No. 1165
Physician-Owned Physical Therapy Services Doc. No. 1166
Specialty Hospitals Doc. No. 1167
Injuries from Skateboarding (Retired September 2010 and replaced by Statement 1127 - Injuries from In-Line Skating and Skateboarding) Doc. No. 1168
Consensus Standards for Medical Devices Doc. No. 1169
Children and Musculoskeletal Health Doc. No. 1170
Alignment of Physician and Facility Payment and Incentives Doc. No. 1171
Emergency Orthopaedic Care Doc. No. 1172
Reimbursement for Approved Category I CPT Codes Doc. No. 1173
Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Doc. No. 1174
Principles of Medicare Reform and Access to Specialty Care  Doc. No. 1175
Principles of Health Care Reform and Specialty Care Doc. No. 1176
Physician Directed Use of Medical Products Doc. No. 1177
Comparative Effectiveness Research Doc. No. 1178
Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Doc. No. 1179
Principles for Physician Payment Reform (Retired June 2016) Doc. No. 1180
Use of Global Service Data Doc. No. 1181
Shared Physician-Patient Responsibilities Doc. No. 1182
Public Reporting of Provider Performance Doc. No. 1183
The Impact of Obesity on Bone and Joint Health Doc. No. 1184
Innovation and New Technologies in Orthopaedic Surgery Doc. No. 1185
Swaddling and Developmental Hip Dysplasia Doc. No. 1186